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2003-06-07 - 10:39 p.m.

Dear diary,

I have recently returned from another visit to the east coast with my girlfriend. We went out to Virginia to visit and stay with her family. It was during this visit that I had the opportunityto visit my younger brother, Adam, and to go saltwater fishing for the first time. My brother got to go on the trip that Bonney's father had graciously arranged for us on his fishing boat.

The fishing trip was arranged for last Saturday. Bonney and I went to go pick my brother up from his base (He is in the Navy) and brought him with us to her father's weekend place on the banks of the Rappahannock river.

During the trip up, Adam regaled us with tales of his exploits in NYC during 'Fleet Week', a week long celebration of all things naval. During this period of unrestrained debuachery, the city of New York welcomes the sailors by offering free subway rides, museum admitions, and free first rounds of drinks at several bars throughout the city.

Adam had taken more than his fill of the festivities and is still in the "I'm moving to New York ASAP after I get out of the Navy" mode of thinking.

We took a break from listening to Adam sing the praises of the Big Apple when we got to her father's place.

We made the introductions and got something to eat before we headed out.

We watched as Bonney's father put the boat in the water. We loaded up and headed out. We got out onto the Cheasepeake Bay and set to fishing.

Adam seemed unusually quiet during our first hour or so out. I tried to engage him in conversation, but to no avail. He was preoccupied with something, but I didn't feel comfortable appraoching him about it while Bonney's family was in earshot.

We were all fishing from the rear deck of the boat. Adam and I headed up to the front to 'try our luck up there' and to converse in relative privacy, as the wind and rain were coming in at a steady clip.

It was on the prow of the 'Lucky Joe' (the name of the boat we were on) thatI found out that my brother Adam was married. Had been for some time, apparently.

Adam received his orders late last year, and began making noises about thinking about marrying the girl he stayed with after he was kicked out of my father's house for keeping pornography in the house (We have a 9 y/o sister)

Adam listened to everyone tell him that this girl was bad news as she had a long history of financial mismanagment, psycological difficulties, and was unfaithful to him in the past while they were dating.

Adam and his 'Friend' were listining politely to our attemping to warn them of making rash decisions and summarily dismissed our arguments against their plans by professing their love for each other and saying things like "It has to work," when questioned as to what their back-up plans were should the marraige not work out.

Adam listend and promised he would wait a little while longer before making the choice.

His 'friend' moved out with him. Adam had gotten married immediately after arriving at his duty station, which happened in January of this year, and had told no one.

Adam and his wife take life in a different direction than most people I know. He and his wife have an understanding of infidelity that I do not share.

Adam and his wife agree to travel seperately during their vacations and magically become "single and available" during such times to fuck whomever they choose to their heart's content:

"You know, like the Europeans do it."


Adam was explaining this to me while professing his love for her and how much he missed her while he was in NYC, sleeping with whoever would take him home the varoius nights he was there.

More later.


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