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2003-10-13 - 6:16 p.m.

To all:

What a semester this has been!

O-Chem for the second time around is much more interesting than the first time around, probably because I'm getting more of it this time.

Physics is quite the ride, so far it involves me trying to catch up all the time, but I find the subject and the work interesting.

the labs for these respective classes are not fun (physics)and fun (o-Chem) all at the same time!

My fun course is American History to 1865. I love this course. I've actually stood in some of the places we're talking about! Learning about the Virginia house of Burgesses and about what an influence religion played in the new colony is much more real when I've actually been there!

Here testing philosophy is also making this an exceptionally easy class: She gives us the study guide and gives it to us again as the test.

Well, OK, it's easy if you bother studying and get the correct answers on the study guide first.

I reenlisted into the Air Force reserves this month...6 years more to go...That will bring me to 17 years in the service.

The promised me money. College money. And a cash bonus...and they are going to try really hard to get me to Japan next May!!! (Here's hoping!)

Be well


Safe Travels



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