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2004-10-04 - 12:41 p.m.

I wonder:

Over the weekend, I re-visited an animated film I usually enjoy, "Titan A.E."

In the film, Earth is destroyed and humanity is flung to the far reaches of the galaxy. The only hope for humanity is that we have a ship (The Titan) that will reconstitute an Earth-like planet complete with all of the non-human organisms that comprise our biosphere, and a leader bold enough to find and activate this ship, thereby unifying the far-flung vestiges of humanity into a peaceful civilization. Oh, by the way, the energy of the superweapon that destroyed the first earth will be shrewdly harnessed to simultaneiously give rise to the new earth while finally defeating the bad guys who blew us up in the first place.

Got it?

O.K., go with me on this for a moment.

In the film, on an alien planet far from our neck of the woods, the leaders of an alien race gather to help our hero interpret the various clues left behind for him. These clues will help him find the Titan and activate it, thereby founding a new home and using the energy of the Dredge (the bad guys) superweapon to power the Titan and backfire on the Dredge mothership and blow it to smithereens.

Naturally, at this juncture, the bad guys show up and attempt to kidnap our hero, attempting to gain the information as to the location of the Titan and go there before our hero can and destroy it. The beneficient aliens help our hero to escape as best they can, suffering several fatalities in the process.

Here's my question: Would we do the same?

Would we send our best and brightest to help an oppressed alien race to escape certain destruction and thereby see a mutual enemy defeated ? (the bad guys would kill some of us, if not more)

The Dredge are apparently a universal pain in the ass and nobody likes them (it's in the script)

Would we help?


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