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2006-01-06 - 12:40 p.m.

For those of you who are keeping track of such things, here is the personal statement I submitted for my secondary application to the University of Colorado (along with US$100)

Write about why you are interested in attending medical school in Colorado. Include how you see yourself fitting into this school and what strengths you would bring.

I focus on attending medical school in Colorado for three reasons. The first is that my family and friends are here. With them here, I have a ready-made support network to help me deal with the challenges I will face during medical school. With my family and friends here, they have seen my triumphs and setbacks first hand. They have been there for me when I needed them, and I will need them more than ever once medical school begins.
The second reason I would like to attend medical school here is my familiarity with the city of Denver and my work experience here. I have lived in Denver for six years now and have worked in various emergency departments around the city for all six of those years. From my humble beginnings at Presbyterian/ St. Luke�s Medical Center to the rough and tumble, yet very enlightening, times with the Medical Center of Aurora-South, my dedication has been to this community for the entire time I have lived here.
The third reason is that I want to continue with my education in the University of Colorado system. I have taken some of the most intriguing classes from University of Colorado, and I want to continue along that path. Suffice to say, I see myself fitting in very well here at home. The strength of family and friends, a dedication to this community, and a fierce desire to continue learning here are strengths that will sustain me and those around me.


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